15 Feb 2011



14 Sep 2010

Club Penguin Updates Jet Pack Adventure!

You can take a Green Puffle In Jet Pack Adventure!

You can even have a stamp for having the green puffle play with you

Do you think all the puffles will be able to play games?

New Stamps!

Club Penguin have added new stamps! Do you remember when Club Penguin Added Field op stamps? And you had to save up medals to get a stamp well now you don't have to save up your stamps! Cool!

Check out the new Wii stamps

I can't wait to get these stamps!

13 Sep 2010

Mural In hati Complete!

Woot The Mural in Hati Is complete! Check it out!

Looks cool don't you think?
Lets hope it doesn't get ruined.

I wonder Where the school is...... hmmmm...


Sorry i could not post about the fair. My computer broke down. So i got a new one!

 Well I managed to meet Rh before he went away here is proof!

Anyway Sorry!

2 Sep 2010

News about The Fair!

The Fair will be here tomorrow! And there is lots of fun in store for us!

Here is where you can find all the fun.

It says:

1. Beach: Visit Rockhopper's ship, The Migrator. Then test your skills with a round of memory game!

2. Bonus Games Room: Have fun playing puffle soaker and balloon pop to earn tickets!

3. Great Puffle Circus: Watch Puffles preform amazing tricks- you won't believe your eyes! (Members Only) :(

4. The Cove: Play Puffle feeder to earn tickets the feed yourself at the popcorn booth!

5. The Dock: Watch Puffle Shuffle very carefully to win. Then take a break and have some orange juice!

And Rockhopper says he's bringing magic hats!

Pretty fun don't you think? You can Use Tickets to reedeem some awesome prizes! But don't forget to spend your tickets before logging of or you'll lose them.

I can't wait!  

September Upcoming Events

Club Penguin Have posted upcoming events for september!

Okay here they are:

September 3: The Fair starts! There are LOTS of games to play and you can redeem the tickets you earn for prizes. Remember, the games will only be up during the party, so make sure you check them out!

September 14: Your green puffles will be able to join you in one of the mini-games... which game do
you think it'll be?

September 24: Pick a team and hit the Stadium for some special game events!
So which games are YOU most excited about? We'd love to hear what you think, so let us know in the comments.
Cool! I think the Green Puffle will be in the Jet Pack Adventure game!

31 Aug 2010

Stamps Reviewed By You!

As many of you know, the Fair returns to the island September 3rd. Lots of you have told us how excited you are to play games and earn prizes! Last week Club Penguin asked what you were looking forward to most. Moon Girl 1 said:

I'm really looking forward to see all of the puffles perform at the famous puffle circus! I have spent a lot of time last year watching all of the puffles perform, and I think I am ready to become a puffle trainer this year! I have been training my puffles in my igloo for a very long time now. I really can't wait!

Awesome,  Moon Girl 1 !

If you check your Stamp Book today, you'll notice that there are new stamps for Puffle Rescue. Plus, you'll be able to see the medals you've earned in past PSA Missions. This week they want to know - what's the stamp you've found the most challenging so far?

I think its the Ninja Meeting stamp!